Great Food, Friends & Music

To the Patrons of Le Garage,

Since 2005 when Le Garage began as the dream of Ray Beaudry, it has become a St Boniface staple for live music, great food & drinks, and lively atmosphere. This year, the ownership has changed hands to Ed Melna, and Gilles Pinette. 

We have no plans to change what Le Garage means to so many people, both as a community gathering place and as a live music venue. 

We will be continuing to feature live music, and renew our focus on local food and drink. 

There has been a rumor that Torque Brewing has bought Le Garage. This is not true. Ed and Gilles are investors in Torque but this is not a Torque brewing site. In fact, we are planning to feature all the Manitoba local beers at Le Garage and we have already started to do so. Le Garage will be the first venue in Winnipeg to feature only local beer, all the time. With 15 breweries currently producing good beer in Manitoba, we have lots to choose from.

So join us for a bite to eat and a cool local brew (or other drink) and stay for the music and good times.

The new Le Garage owners,

Ed and Gilles